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The TRUE Facts Rebutting Negative Attack Mailers


On Illegal Immigration:





"Inaccurate Mailers Attack Senate Candidate on Immigration"


Here are the facts:

  • Representative Kevin Ambler called for Arizona-style illegal immigration reforms. Kevin Ambler stood up for you and sponsored tough, Arizona-style illegal immigration reform (watch video) in the recent Legislative Special Session.

  • Now the Florida First Initiative is attacking Kevin Ambler in an attempt to punish Kevin Ambler for trying to tackle the illegal immigration problem in Florida.

  • Jim Norman failed to support Kevin Ambler’s call for Arizona-style immigration reform.

  • Jim Norman, in contrast, said Arizona-style immigration reform tackled in a Legislative Special Session was POLITICAL GRAND STANDING

As the Chairman of Public Safety and Domestic Security Policy, I was the only member of the House to file tough Arizona-style immigration bills in the House of Representatives and who demanded that these bills be considered in the Special Session because we need to take action now on this problem that has been ignored by the Federal government for far too long.  We must protect our own borders is the federal government is unwilling to provide us with the resources to do so.

Other Attacks:

If you are familiar with my voting record, then you already know that I am a true conservative. If you are unfamiliar with my political accomplishments I encourage you to read the following information and browse my website, specifically my accomplishments, so you can be informed with the facts.


As reported by the St. Petersburg Times on 7/24/10...
"This week, Republican households in Hillsborough were being bombarded with mailers calling Ambler a tax-and-spend liberal. Like so many political ads...They selectively lift facts to convey a false impression that does a disservice to voters.


"Ambler, who is so conservative he makes Ronald Reagan look like Rachel Maddow..." St. Petersburg Times, 8/6/2010.


I am fighting to bring immigration reform to Florida . Watch the Fox News reports on the home page where I discuss the 3 immigration reform bills that I sponsored for this past special legislative session. That disproves all false statements about my stance on illegal immigration.


I have been recognized as a proven conservative in both my St. Petersburg Times endorsement and my Tampa Tribune endorsement.


You can also see a very detailed report on who is behind these attacks here.


A message from Rep. Ambler

False and misleading negative political attacks are an unfortunate part of the political process. I, like most voters really hate it and I wish we could ban it. Unfortunately, special interest groups who are backing my opponent are intent on trying to influence your vote with their lies for their own reasons which have not been disclosed (they haven't even admitted who they really are). People are judged by their actions and not their promises, so please check out my accomplishments page where you will see all of the groups that have recognized me over my eight years of legislative service as their legislator of the year for my work on a variety of policy issues.

I have not touted endorsements because I feel that they are over used as a substitute for letting a voter make up their own mind for their own reasons.

That being said, since many are asking, I have been endorsed by over 30 Republican members of the Florida House of Representatives and 5 Republican Senators in the Florida Senate (I will be happy to email the complete list of individual names to anyone who might be interested. I am also supported by U.S. Senator George Lemieux.

Although I know Gov. Bush very well and have been commended by him many times for my legislative accomplishments, he has known my opponent for over 10 years and my opponent worked on Gov Bush's first campaign in 1999. They have always had a good friendship and I certainly understand a friend standing by a friend. Gov. Bush has carefully avoided any negative statements against me because he respects me and my contributions to the legislative process. Just one of the many examples of Gov. Bush's support can be seen in our "Ought to be a law" documentary.

I have also been endorsed by the people you trust most to keep you safe: Florida's 30,000+ law enforcement officers who are members of the Police Benevolent Association and Fraternal Order of Police; I have been endorsed by the Florida Association of School Administrators, the Hillsborough County Association of School Administrators, the Florida Chiropractic Association, the Florida Pharmacy Association, the Florida Health Care Association, the Florida Alliance of Public Hospitals, and many others, including the Tampa Tribune and the St Petersburg Times.

I have a very solid record of having supported Gov. Bush while he was governor and his conservative Republican agenda. My voting record is posted here under "sponsored bills" and that record speaks for itself including my consistent support for tort reform for medical malpractice cases. If there is any specific vote you would like to know more about, I would be happy to discuss it with you.



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